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Upgrading Wiper Blades: Customer Satisfaction is Key

April 21, 2017 / in Wiper Blades

Having a variety of wiper blade styles available will help meet diverse customer needs and maximize sales opportunities for your shop. However, putting a different type of wiper blade on a vehicle than what came with it from the original equipment manufacturer could cause a problem with clearing the windshield. Vehicles come with one of three different types of wiper blades: conventional, beam or hybrid. If a vehicle comes original equipment with a conventional wiper blade and arm assembly, the beam type wiper blade may not effectively clear the windshield.

Types of Wiper Blades

The conventional wiper blade and arm assembly has several pressure points that keep the squeegee part of the blade against the window. A beam-type blade looks different and has one pressure point. Wiper arms designed by vehicle manufacturers for conventional blades may not be strong enough to press the blade of the beam-type wiper onto the windshield, and you’ll get a streak – usually right in front of your customer’s face.

The beam blade’s wiper arm is stronger and has a higher profile than a conventional wiper arm. The strength and angle of the arm helps the single pressure point press the beam blade against the windshield for maximum performance. The lower strength and profile of a conventional wiper arm or hybrid wiper arm may not be enough for the one pressure point to work properly.

A hybrid wiper blade features many pressure points, just like the conventional wiper. However, its profile and a look are similar to a beam blade.  The hybrid wiper is perfect for those who want the look of the higher-profile blade on a conventional wiper arm.

Replacing Blades

When you replace a customer’s blades, be sure to consider the type of blade that originally came on the vehicle, so that you avoid potential performance problems. We recommended conventional blades be replaced with conventional blades and beam blades be replaced with beam blades. Granted, in some cases, using a beam blade instead of a conventional blade may work just fine, but instead of taking that chance and causing a potential customer satisfaction issue for the driver, use the same type of blade that came on the vehicle original equipment.

A hybrid blade looks like a beam blade, but like the conventional blade, it has several pressure points. For those customers whose vehicle came original equipment with a conventional wiper blade but want the look of a beam blade, you could use a hybrid blade for most applications. ECOGARD carries the three types of blades so that you are able to stock your inventory with the proper blades for the various vehicles that come into your shop.

Wiper Blade Installation and Customer Satisfaction

For service professionals, the amount of time required to replace wiper blades is short. It doesn’t mater which type – they all take just a few minutes to snap on. When you replace a customer’s wiper blades with the correct type, you substantially reduce any potential for a customer satisfaction issue.


Contact your ECOGARD distributor today to discuss setting up an inventory of wiper blades for your shop. Let them know the most common vehicles that you see through your shop and they will help you set up the proper inventory.

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