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Bring our fresh ideas approach to your business

ECOGARD doesn’t just build quality products—we build volume for our distributors. We support your success with fresh ideas like our industry-first ELITE program, our cabin filter installation guide for technicians and our mobile app providing application coverage back to 1946. As an ECOGARD distributor, you can have access to all of our unique program features to differentiate your offering and fuel your business growth.

Flexible distribution options

ECOGARD serves product domestically from three strategically located warehouses in:

  • Boston, Massachusetts
  • Los Angeles, California
  • Miami, Florida

Prepaid programs

Our low-freight, prepaid programs allow distributors to order products frequently to minimize inventory investment and space utilization. Order product categories individually or combine them to maximize efficiency.

Direct import

ECOGARD is a pioneer in direct import delivery. We can tailor a program to deliver containers from our wholly owned distribution center in Shanghai, PRC. By eliminating domestic distribution costs, our direct import program gives distributors a competitive edge.

Ready for business

ECOGARD application information is readily available in numerous industry data systems including EPICOR, WHI, Sage, Check Chart, DRB Systems, AutoData, and more..

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