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ecogard synthetic oil filter with a Chevrolet car

Introducing the ECOGARD® S11642 Synthetic Oil Filter

A required-to-stock, spin-on oil filter, for select 2019 and newer General Motors vehicles.

What’s the difference between the S11642 and the X2222/S2222?

Although they look similar and have the same thread, the S11642 is not interchangeable with the X2222 or S2222. The ECOGARD S11642 was uniquely designed to fit and function as a replacement for General Motors part number PF64.

GM recommends this part number for specific applications that require a pressure relief valve opening pressure setting of 22 PSI. For comparison, X2222 and S2222 are both direct replacements of ACDelco PF48/PF48E, which features a pressure relief valve that is set to open at 15 PSI.

  • S11642 is a required-to-stock filter. We recommend all distributors order this important new item immediately. It is the only recommended oil filter for popular GM vehicles starting in 2019.
  • S11642 is built with our synthetic blend media designed for oil changes up to 10,000 miles.
  • X2222 and S2222 are not going to be replaced or obsoleted. They remain the recommended oil filters for many vehicles on the road.
  • Consolidation of S11642 and X2222/S2222 is not recommended. Incorrect use of these oil filters may result in premature engine wear and costly repairs.
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