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Introducing the 26350-2J000 and 26350-2S000: Hyundai Brings Two More Unique Cartridge Oil Filters to Market for 2020 & Beyond

26350-2J000 and 26350-2S000 are two of Hyundai’s latest cartridge oil filters. While they’re not quite as strange as the 26350-2M000 (ECOGARD S11830) which we recently introduced here, these oil filters for 2020-2022 Hyundai 2.0L and 2.5L engines are worthy of discussion for a few reasons.

First Use of Cartridge Oil Filters for These Hyundai and Kia Models

The unique design of the 26350-2J00 and 26350-2S000 oil filter kits requires some explanation and a different approach to installation than what we’re used to with most cartridge oil filters. The use of cartridge oil filters is not completely new to Hyundai but is for the Sonata, Elantra, Santa Fe, Tucson, K5 and Sorento models for 2020-2022, with all of these cars previously utilizing spin-on oil filters. Like anything else, unfamiliarity means there will probably be a learning curve that installers will have to overcome when servicing these vehicles.

What’s in the Box? Comparing Hyundai 26350-2J000 to 26350-2S000

Both the 26350-2J000 and 26350-2S000 are constructed in the same way and include the same basic components in the kit – filter element, gasket, crush washer for oil pan drain plug and oil filter housing cap drain plug. The only obvious difference is the size (height) of the filter elements, with the 26350-2J000 being about 25% shorter than 26350-2S000.

What Makes the 26350-2J000 and 2635-2S000 Hyundai Oil Filters Unique?

No O-Rings

Normally a cartridge oil filter kit includes an O-ring or two, but that’s not the case with either of these filters. Instead, the 26350-2J000 and 26350-2S000 utilize a nitrile gasket. The gasket is unique in that it actually fits snuggly into a channel running around the inside of the oil filter housing cap. Right away we can see how difficult it might be to remove this gasket for subsequent oil changes, which is probably why Hyundai engineers chose to include a very helpful feature with the gasket.

Helpful Gasket Tab

Since the gasket has to fit fairly snug into a tight channel inside of the oil filter housing cap, Hyundai needed a way to help installers to remove the gasket during oil change maintenance. They accomplished this by adding a small tab to the gasket, which is used to pull it out of the cap after use. The tab is fairly small and difficult to grip with fingers, so it’s probably best to use needle-nose pliers or a similar tool.

Filter Housing Cap Drain Plug

That’s right, the oil filter housing caps for both the 26350-2J000 and 26350-2S000 feature a drain plug. The reason is that unlike many cartridge oil filters which are accessed via the topside of the engine block, these new Hyundai filters are inverted and installed from the underside of the engine bay. If the installer were to get under the vehicle and simply unscrew the cap, a big oily mess would follow – because, you know, gravity. To make the job less messy, Hyundai engineers added a drain plug to the filter housing cap. All the installer has to do is remove the plug to completely drain the housing of oil prior to removing the filter. This drain plug is provided new with every 26350-2J000 and 26350-2S000 oil filter kit.

The New Product Leader does it Again: ECOGARD® Replacements for Hyundai 26350-2J000 and 26350-2S000

The Hyundai 26350-2J000 and 26350-2S000 oil filters are brand new to the market and only ECOGARD has direct replacements available at this time.

ECOGARD S11913 is a direct replacement for Hyundai 26350-2J000 and is meant for use with the 2020 Hyundai Sonata 2.0L. In the box of the all-new S11913 you’ll find all of the same components as the OE filter, which includes a filter element, nitrile gasket, cap drain plug and crush washer for the oil pan drain plug.

ECOGARD S11914 is a direct replacement for Hyundai 26350-2S000 and is meant for use with the 2.5L 2020 Hyundai Sonata, Santa Fe and Tucson (2021-2022) as well as Kia’s K5 and Sorento (2021-2022) vehicles.

Both the S11913 and S11914 are in stock and available for order now!
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