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Beam Blades: A Perfect Match for the Modern Windshield

October 5, 2018 / in Wiper Blades

Beam blades are designed to perform well in all types of weather when installing on modern vehicles. As automakers strive to meet tightening environmental regulations, car windshields are being designed with more curvature in an attempt to improve aerodynamics and reduce wind drag. The idea behind this approach is to improve performance and fuel economy at the same time. A frameless beam blade, with its natural, form-fitting curvature and infinite points of contact, is the perfect match for modern vehicles. With a single steel beam, these blades offer interminable pressure points, which create a truly gapless connection between the blade’s rubber wiping element and the windshield glass. The better connection between the wiper and windshield results in a smooth, quiet, and highly effective wipe – improving visibility when driving in wet or snowy weather.

Better Looking, Longer Lasting Performance

Beam blades just look better. Their sleek, low-profile look is possible because so few parts are used in construction. Most beam blades feature a single steel beam covered with a soft, aerodynamic rubber spoiler. The only other part is the coupler or adapter that is used to attach the blade to the various arm types found on cars and trucks. There aren’t any parts to get clogged up with snow, or ice and nothing to break as a result of wear and tear. These features allow beam blades to really go the distance when compared with other types of wiper blades.

An Opportunity to Upgrade to the Premium Option

Choosing the right windshield wiper blade for any particular vehicle should be easy. When selling wiper blades, you should always start by offering the premium option, but also consider whether or not it’s the appropriate choice based on the manufacturer’s original equipment recommendation. For many vehicles made in the last 20 years, the appropriate choice is going to be beam blades. In fact, over 20% of vehicles in operation at the time of this writing, require beam blades as an original equipment replacement. There is a vast population of vehicles that beam blades perform really well on, even though beam blades weren’t the only original equipment option. For example, some vehicles came from the factory with the option for either beam blades or hybrid blades – meaning, either will work. For this chunk of the market, there is an excellent opportunity for customers to upgrade to beam blades.

Safer Customers are Satisfied Customers

Good windshield wipers work quietly to improve visibility when driving in bad weather conditions. We can’t overstate the impact that a new set of wipers will have on the safety of your customers when on the road. Aside from the car’s brakes, the wipers are the most important safety feature. Beam blades are built for use in rainy or snowy conditions, offering the safest option for all-weather use. Your customers will love that their wipers look and perform like when their vehicle was new. In addition to their satisfaction with an improved driving experience, they will also recognize that you’re looking out for their safety.
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