NEW PRODUCT INTRODUCTION – The Unique New ECOGARD S11830 (Hyundai 26350-2M000) Cartridge Oil Filter

The all-new ECOGARD SYNTHETIC+ S11830 is a unique, must-stock cartridge oil filter designed for use when servicing the popular 2020 Hyundai Accent/Sonata/Venue or 2020 Kia Rio.

We wouldn’t normally feel the need to write an in-depth overview for an oil filter, but the ECOGARD S11830 (OE Hyundai 26350-2M000) is no ordinary cartridge oil filter. When the Hyundai 26350-2M000 first popped up on our Product Development radar we couldn’t help wondering what on earth the engineers at Hyundai were thinking with this design.

Before we get into the nuances of the S11830 cartridge oil filter, we need to provide a little perspective. If you’re a professional installer who’s done their share of oil changes, you probably know that most cartridge oil filters come with a few key components: The filter element, an oil pan drain plug washer and an O-ring or two. What you might not be aware of is just how much trouble some people (even professionals) seem to have with these filters. The problems we encounter as a filter supplier can usually be boiled down to a misplaced O-ring seal. We’ve seen so much of this particular issue that we had to demonstrate on video, The Keys to a Successful Cartridge Oil Filter Change.

In that demonstration we emphasize the importance of placing the O-ring seal into the correct groove on the filter housing cap. It happens so often because if the installer isn’t careful it’s really easy to mistakenly place the O-ring seal into one of the cap threads instead of the groove where it belongs. That’s it. That’s where everything goes wrong with the most basic cartridge oil filter changes. Remember that fact for when we unbox the S11830 in a moment and your jaw hits the floor.

Unboxing the S11830 (Hyundai 26350-2M000)

Inside the box for the S11830 you’ll find a unique looking filter element, which we’ll elaborate on later. You’ll also find a small black plastic housing cap drain plug, a small black plastic cotter pin, an oil pan plug washer and a large O-ring seal.

components of the ecogard s11830

As you can see, there are a few extra components to be wary of with the S11830 and therein lies the challenge with this oil filter. With additional components comes additional installation steps and subsequently, more opportunity for problems.


S11830 Components


The Oil Filter Element

The filter element of the S11830 looks very similar to any other extended protection cartridge oil filter element with a synthetic blend media and one plastic endcap. However, a closer look at the plastic endcap of the filter element reveals a distinctive circular track. The track was designed specifically so that the pintle on the oil cap drain plug can be inserted and twisted 90 degrees – locking the housing cap drain plug into the track. This unique configuration ensures that both the filter element and cap plug remain securely in place inside the housing cap.


The Housing Cap Drain Plug

The housing cap drain plug is one of the unique new components of the S11830 cartridge oil filter that installers need to be extra mindful of during installation. On the bottom end of the cap drain plug is something called a pintle, which has been engineered to fit into the specially designed track on the plastic endcap of the filter element. Once inserted into the track the installer should rotate the plug 90 degrees so that the pintle locks into the track. Once that step is complete, the filter element and cap plug assembly can be installed into the housing cap together.

26350-2M000 ECOGARD S11830 with drain plug

PRO TIP: After 7500 miles of extreme heat, the used housing cap drain plug may be difficult to remove by hand alone. We recommend a pair of needle-nose pliers for easier removal.

The Cotter Pin

The cotter pin is yet another one of the unique new components of the S11830 (26350-2M000) that installers need to be wary of. As you can see it’s a fairly small black plastic pin that could easily be dropped or lost in an engine bay while performing the oil change. The cotter pin should be inserted into the circular opening on the side of the cap drain plug after the oil filter element/cap drain plug assembly is firmly inserted into the housing cap. Failure to properly install the cotter pin could result in the cap drain plug coming loose while under pressure, which would obviously result in leakage.

The O-ring Seal

The O-ring seal is a component commonly found in most cartridge oil filter applications and one that is notorious for causing installation problems. As we mentioned earlier, it is critical for the installer to pay close attention to the groove in which the O-ring seal is placed before threading the cap back into the housing. Failure to ensure that the O-ring seal is seated in the correct groove could result in leakage.

image highlights correct o-ring groove for 26350-2M000 oil filter installation

The Oil Pan Drain Plug Washer

Last, but certainly not least, there is an oil pan drain plug washer. Always replace the oil pan drain plug washer when changing the oil in any vehicle. While there aren’t many things that can go wrong with this component, it’s worth mentioning that sometimes when removing the drain plug from the oil pan the old washer can stick to the pan while the plug falls out. Installers should be aware of this potential and make sure the old washer is accounted for and discarded before attempting to thread the drain plug and new washer into the oil pan. Mistakenly stacking the new washer on top of the old washer could result in oil leakage from the oil pan drain plug.

ECOGARD S11830 (Hyundai 26350-2M000) Installation Guide

With the unusual number of extra components included with the S11830 and our past experience with the potential for problems with more basic cartridge oil filters, we thought it would be helpful to create a step-by-step installation guide and demonstration video for reference. Check it out with the button below.


We Should Also Mention…

As if this oil filter isn’t odd enough, the installer gets the pleasure of removing and installing it from the bottom of the engine. In fact, the housing cap drain plug is meant to be removed before unscrewing the cap so that all oil in the housing can be purged without making a slick mess. As with removing a bottom-mounted spin-on oil filter or the oil pan drain plug, be careful because the oil may be hot.

For anyone out there who is servicing 2020 Hyundai/Kia 1.6L gas engines, we hope you’ve found this overview helpful. The ECOGARD S11830 (Hyundai OE 26350-2M000) is a cartridge oil filter like nothing we’ve seen in almost four decades in the aftermarket. There are so many small components and critical installation steps that need to be considered if this oil filter is to be installed successfully. If you have any questions or concerns regarding installation of the ECOGARD S11830, feel free to give our technical hotline a call at (877) 229-1814.