The Smart Choice for

Today’s vehicles feature advanced climate control systems that are designed to keep driver and passengers comfortable while traveling. With FRESH SENSE™ odor neutralizing power, high-efficiency filtration and maximum airflow, ECOGARD HE+ High-Efficiency Cabin Air Filters are the smart choice for comfort and performance.

ECOGARD HE offers best airflow of any cabin air filter


The ECOGARD HE+ Premium Cabin Air Filter traps dirt, dust particles, and allergens with ease while allowing air to flow freely through the climate control system as it was intended.

with ecogard he you don't have to sacrifice efficiency for good airflow


ECOGARD HE+ is in a class by itself when it comes to efficiency and airflow. No other filter on the market offers this much filtering power without compromising climate control performance.

ecogard he neautralizes odors


Foul odors coming from outside the cabin don’t stand a chance against our FRESH SENSEbaking soda infused, odor neutralizing media.