Spring is here and that means changes to the weather (hopefully warmer weather), which usually allows us to get outside, work in the yard, clean up the house or garage, or open the pool. It’s the time of year when we start making preparations that will get us through the dog days of summer. Your…

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A clean engine air filter allows for proper acceleration, extended engine life, lower emissions and overall improved engine performance. Your vehicle’s engine requires both fuel and air to create power.  However, to prevent damage to the engine, the air needs to be filtered before it enters the combustion chamber. Your engine air filter handles this…

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Though engine air filters are one of the more minor components in a vehicle, they too need proper upkeep and maintenance to ensure that any automobile is running as effectively and as efficiently as it should be. Many of your customers may not realize this, nor may they realize that this maintenance is as easy as replacing an old, dirty one with a new, clean filter.

Wiper blades are important safety devices. If they’re smearing or chattering the driver can’t see properly and may be distracted. Both increase the risk of an accident.

Typically drivers notice their wipers aren’t doing a good job of clearing away rain or spray while on a road trip. They realize the blades need attention, but forget about them when they reach their destination.

Having a variety of wiper blade styles available will help meet diverse customer needs and maximize sales opportunities for your shop. However, putting a different type of wiper blade on a vehicle than what came with it from the original equipment manufacturer could cause a problem with clearing the windshield.