We recently created a Technical Service Bulletin for a specific part number that Premium Guard, Inc. supplies to a private label brand. The private label customer was previously buying a different filter from a well-known aftermarket filter manufacturer, who produced this particular filter to different specifications than we do. In short, we produce the filter to OEM specifications, and they did not, which led to confusion and a little angst in the bays where vehicles were being serviced.

Technicians hear it all the time “work smarter, not harder”.  Easier said than done when you have jobs backed up and eager customers waiting to get back on the road.  Achieving the “work smarter” goal is not easy but with seemingly small incremental steps it is possible to improve workflows and get things done faster while keeping quality levels high.

Born out of market need for high quality, cost effective product, ECOGARD is the aftermarket’s top solution for filters and wiper blades. The filter business is notoriously a commodity driven market and back in 2011 we saw a unique opportunity to disrupt the status quo by creating something that was much more than just another filter program in the value segment.