Every breath you take in the car this summer without the protection of a clean, high-quality cabin air filter, puts your respiratory health in jeopardy. It’s been a strange Summer, weather-wise, here in the northeastern US. Everything began beautifully in June with comfortable temperatures and plenty of sunshine, but quickly devolved into an uncharacteristically cool and rainy July. The rain has finally given way to some sunshine and the heat we’re accustomed to, and many would love to be outside enjoying what’s left of the summer. Unfortunately, there’s a big problem in the air and on the horizon – literally.

26350-2J000 and 26350-2S000 are two of Hyundai’s latest cartridge oil filters. While they’re not quite as strange as the 26350-2M000 (ECOGARD S11830) which we recently introduced here, these oil filters for 2020-2022 Hyundai 2.0L and 2.5L engines are worthy of discussion for a few reasons. First Use of Cartridge Oil Filters for These Hyundai and…

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The all-new ECOGARD S11880 synthetic cartridge oil filter is a direct replacement for the unique new Mopar 68507598AA oil filter, which we introduced with an in-depth overview last month. This new filter is used to service the 3rd generation 3.0L EcoDiesel engines found in the 2020-2021 Jeep Wrangler, Jeep Gladiator and 2019+ Ram 1500. In the introduction last month, we highlighted the filter’s strange composition and unusual components, such as a new filter cap with every oil change and pre-installed O-rings.

IPC Global Solutions has published their annual ECOGARD Filter Application Guide. Available to aftermarket distributors in North America and beyond – ECOGARD offers a complete line of filtration and wiper blade products from IPC Global Solutions. The 2021 ECOGARD Filter Application Guide includes coverage for automotive and light-duty applications from 2007 to 2021.

At first glance, the all-new Mopar 68507598AA cartridge oil filter looks like most other cartridge oil filters used in passenger or light-duty vehicles. There’s a filter element, a couple of O-rings and a normal looking plastic oil filter housing cap. That’s pretty much where the similarities with other cartridge filters end. So, what’s different? …and…

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Born out of market need for high quality, cost effective product, ECOGARD is the aftermarket’s top solution for filters and wiper blades. The filter business is notoriously a commodity driven market and back in 2011 we saw a unique opportunity to disrupt the status quo by creating something that was much more than just another filter program in the value segment.

Turbocharged vehicles have officially flooded the automotive market as automakers strive to make good performance numbers while meeting green legislation obligations – and it’s changing the way we need to approach oil change maintenance. Motor oil has long been known as the lubricating life blood of the internal combustion engine – Without it, metal on…

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Synthetic oil is the best lube option for cold starting a vehicle. Period. If you live in a frigid climate – as in, most mornings start at sub-freezing temperatures close to -18ºC between the months of November and March, you’re going to want to seriously consider switching to synthetic motor oil if you aren’t already there. To understand the logic behind that statement, it’s helpful to understand the internals of a typical ICE (internal combustion engine) and the path that oil takes within the engine when it’s added through the fill hole at the top of the valve cover.