What Causes Lube Oil Filter Over Pressurization?

ecogard quick tips iconWhat causes lube oil filter over pressurization and what are the symptoms?

What It Is

Over pressurization occurs when something in the engine’s lubrication system malfunctions. Usually, the culprit is the oil pressure regulating valve in the oil pump. The malfunction causes the oil pressure to increase dramatically until something gives.

What to Look For

The evidence to look for when presented with this phenomenon includes…

  • A deformed oil filter canister that has been “ballooned” by internal pressure
  • A sealing gasket protruding from the gasket retainer on the oil filter with the filter still on the engine
  • A seam on the base of the oil filter that has been forced apart from internal pressure

Remember: The lube oil filter itself has no ability to create oil pressure.

Now you know!