Eco oil filters are a special type of environmentally friendly oil filter, also known as the “cartridge” or “canister” oil filter. These filters are made entirely of pleated, paper filter media and plastic. Unlike the more commonly known spin-on type, eco oil filters are able to be incinerated once they’re used, which means they don’t…

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Though engine air filters are one of the more minor components in a vehicle, they too need proper upkeep and maintenance to ensure that any automobile is running as effectively and as efficiently as it should be. Many of your customers may not realize this, nor may they realize that this maintenance is as easy as replacing an old, dirty one with a new, clean filter.

Adding an inventory of easy-to-replace parts increases your bottom line when you are able to provide a service for a customer in a timely fashion. If you have to order a cabin filter from a local dealer, those extra minutes it takes to get to your shop could cost a sale. Instead, have cabin air filters available for the year, makes and models that take a few minutes to replace.